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Simplify by combining infrastructure and platform

Converged Infrastructure

By merging networking, servers, storage, and management, Exebridge reduces the complexity of your IT and your time-to-value for IT services. We cut costs while building integrated systems enhanced to robustly manage modern applications. Modernizing your data center with converged infrastructure unifies the management tools, integrates security for advanced protection, and enables more flexible scalability.


Revolutionize your data center with the new style of IT

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Let’s take convergence a step further than combining the silos. By utilizing software-defined technology, Exebridge will increase the speed of IT delivery and reduce the time-to-market of revenue-generating products and services. You will be able to speed up the process to develop and deploy applications, create anytime/anywhere access to services, and enhance security.


Exebridge embraces the New Style of IT building expertise in converged systems and delivering solutions that drive enhanced customer outcome.

Jeremiah Jenson, Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise




With your data center working as one, you'll improve performance and the delivery of IT services to better support and lead business objectives.

The answer to data management

Storage & Data Management

Information fuels business. It needs to be highly accessible and effective to use. There is a lot of complexity managing and storing data with the numerous changes in the infrastructure and demands by the business groups. Effective data storage management solutions can transform your IT environment by providing flexibility and standardizing and simplifying your data storage systems. Exebridge has been leading the way and will demo storage advancements and methodologies that show how you can adjust to the business needs that shift so frequently and chaotically.


Maximize your technology investments


We have Grand Canyon-deep expertise with server virtualization and utilizing hardware to the max. For so many businesses pushing to reduce costs while increasing capacity and IT services, virtualization of servers, storage, and networking provide a very large return on such minimal cost.


Achieve the impossible: greater convenience and greater security


By utilizing virtual desktop infrastructure in place of a more traditional operating system, network administrators can provide end users with ‘access anywhere’ capabilities and a familiar desktop experience, while simultaneously heightening data security throughout the organization. The end-user experience remains familiar. Their desktop looks just like their desktop and their thin client machine performs just like their previous desktop PC. With virtual desktop infrastructure, there are no expensive training seminars to host and no increase in tech support issues or calls. End-user satisfaction is increased because they have greater control over the applications and settings.


Make your unstructured data a competitive advantage

Big Data & High Performance Computing

We design, build and service custom HPC and Big Data Systems for your most demanding applications. Our custom solutions include compute clusters, enterprise servers, large data storage servers and clusters, advanced file systems, visualization and more. We have been delivering HPC solutions for over 10 years based on industry leading hardware, software, and services through our strategic partnership ecosystem. We have turnkey HPC solutions for the following industries: Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Education & Research, Manufacturing, and Financial Services.


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