We help you work at your highest capacity with ease and flexibility while protecting your business.

Some things we do

Threat & Vulnerability Detection: Shield your organization from intrusion

We provide your network with the intelligence to identify, classify, and block malicious traffic in real time with complete accuracy. By effectively mitigating a wide range of potential network attacks, you allow your business to increase network availability, obtain faster remediation, develop deployment flexibility and exercise comprehensive threat management and protection. Perimeter network, or DMZ, security protects exposed external-facing services from exploits. Exebridge secures this layer and shields your organization from intrusion.


Network Access Control: Visibility, policy control and workflow automation all-in-one

Security is ever more tantamount with mobile platforms and the coming IoT revolution. We solve these challenges while giving you more control without the increase in management headaches. You will get more visibility into what is trying to access your network and the ability to redirect or block those devices. Our tools work seamlessly with other security platforms. The overall effect is a thorough safe zone around your business.

SIEM & Log Management: See your vulnerabilities and make prioritized decisions to solve them

Malicious malware is prevalent. While some target specific business, much of it is agnostic about its targets - big or small. We provide Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that consolidate device log data from across distributed networks to provide data on vulnerabilities and prioritize incidents for enhanced security management.


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