"Exebridge did not simply respond to our request for computer systems to install at our new dealership. They took the time to understand our business and then brought back creative ideas around how a technology investment could actually improve our bottom line. When it came time for Exebridge to deliver their solution, they executed on exactly what they promised to do. That is the reason we continue to call on Exebridge as we continue to develop our technology to support our business applications."
Bob Milner, Co-Owner of Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands
"Exebridge was super easy to work with, never talked down to me when we were dealing with new technology that I hadn’t been exposed to yet, and exemplified the “can do” attitude I look for in a team. Thanks to them, not only have I come out looking great on this project, but I know who to go to when I have any other issues that come up on future projects."
Jim Hoffman, IT Director of TSC Corporation
"We were not only able to streamline our business processes through improved mobility, we were able to gain more insight about our customers while also enhancing the customer experience"
Michael Stein, Technology Director of Saint Arnold Brewing Company
"[Exebridge] did a really good job with not only being a hardware provider or a hardware interface page. What they really did was take the time to understand what we needed to do as business."
David Feller, Sr. Director of Infrastructure; Chief Technologist of UWA
"Exebridge is embracing the New Style of IT by building expertise in converged systems and delivering solutions that drive enhanced customer outcome."
Jeremiah Jenson, Vice President, Americas Enterprise Group Channel Sales, HP
"At VMware, one of our primary focuses, is to ensure our partners are well educated with our products. By acquiring the VMware Network Virtualization Competency, Exebridge demonstrates the determination to stay innovative and to provide better networking and security solutions to their customers."
Cole Hartmann, vPSM - Central, VMware